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How Implants Prevent Bone Loss
Group of three smiling women with dental implants from Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORLosing a tooth can be distressing, even impacting your self-confidence and the health of your jawbone. Among the many dental solutions available today, dental implants are the frontrunners in restoring the appearance of your smile as well as preventing your jawbone from deteriorating. At Sunnyside Dentistry, we are passionate about preserving the natural integrity of your smile, and this is where dental implants come in. If you are considering a single-tooth implant or multiple-tooth implant, our team can guide you through the journey.

Why Dental Implants?

Besides being mere cosmetic fixes, dental implants are integral for maintaining jawbone health. These are essentially titanium posts surgically placed in the jawbone, acting as replacements for natural tooth roots. For a few months, a remarkable process called osseointegration occurs. The bone starts to grow around the implant, fusing with it.

This process anchors the implant firmly and further mimics the function of the root of the tooth. Every time you chew or bite, the implant stimulates the surrounding bone, prompting the continuous renewal of cells. This, in turn, sustains bone density, thereby preventing bone loss.

Consequences of Neglecting Tooth Replacement

When a tooth is lost and not promptly replaced, the jawbone underneath starts to deteriorate. This bone resorption can kick in quite rapidly, with noticeable changes appearing in a matter of weeks. Without regular stimulation from tooth roots, the bone loses its purpose, leading to a decline in its density and strength.

Over time, this can cause a change in facial appearance, sometimes leading to a sunken look, which many misinterpret as premature aging. However, dental implants counter this by providing the much-needed stimulation to maintain and even enhance jawbone health.

The Advantage of Dental Implants Over Other Options

While there are other dental solutions like bridges and dentures, none match the bone-preserving properties of dental implants. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and might exert undue pressure on the bone underneath, accelerating bone loss. Bridges, on the other hand, depend on the adjacent teeth for support.

Neither of these options replicates the root of a tooth, hence missing out on the bone-stimulating advantage. Only dental implants, whether used for a single-tooth implant or a multiple-tooth implant, offer a solution that takes care of aesthetics and bone health simultaneously.
Taking care of dental implants is similar to taking care of your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and periodic dental check-ups are essential to ensure they last long and serve their purpose well. Additionally, for individuals who might have delayed tooth replacement and suffer from diminished bone density, bone grafting might be an option to consider before getting an implant.

Restoring your smile and preventing bone loss is now possible with dental implants. At our practice, our dental team combines expertise with compassion, ensuring that your journey to a revitalized smile is smooth and comfortable. Do not let tooth loss dictate the health and appearance of your smile.

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Here at Sunnyside Dentistry, we are passionate about preserving the natural integrity of your smile, and this is where dental implants come in.
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