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Mini Dental Implant
Clackamas, OR

Group of older women with mini dental implants from Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORMini dental implants are thought to be a useful alternative for those who cannot have conventional dental implants. Being a little less than 3 millimeters in diameter, these implants are a more recent variation of dental implants. However, not every tooth loss is a suitable fit for them.

At Sunnyside Dentistry, our doctors, Dick Hikade, DDS and Brooke Hikade-Wyatt, DMD, will guide you through the process of dental implants such as a mini dental implant, along with single tooth implant and multiple tooth implants. After a quick checkup, you will be advised on the best procedure for you.

The Procedure

Mini implants may be inserted significantly more quickly and with less discomfort than conventional implants. They can often be implanted in a single visit because they don't need complicated surgery and are tiny. A quicker recovery phase is also possible thanks to the minimally intrusive method.

Additionally, because there isn't as much disruption to the bone and tissue, the operation is less painful. Mini implants are made up of a retention device built into the base of your denture and titanium posts that serve as the tooth's roots. The implant's head is fashioned like a ball, and the retention device functions as a socket that holds an O-ring made of rubber.

When the denture is in place, the O-ring snaps over the ball and secures it with a set amount of force. The denture is positioned to comfortably rest on your gum tissue, allowing for movement while enduring lifting pressures. Traditional dental implants need several appointments. This is due to the fact that typical dental implant screws cannot be used to attach replacement teeth until the jaw and gums have healed. On small dental implants, however, replacement teeth are frequently affixed on the same day as the implant process.

Mini Dental Implant Recovery Period

Mini-implant recovery is often quick and simple. Most patients discover that one or two days after their small implant dentistry operation, they can resume their regular activities. You may not always need to schedule a follow-up visit.

After the operation, you can feel soreness and some discomfort. You can manage the pain with ice or over-the-counter analgesics such as ibuprofen. The dentist may occasionally recommend other medications to aid with pain management.

Avoid eating anything crunchy or sticky after getting a small dental implant. As a result, there will be less chance that the implant will become loose or come loose. It is also advised to take liquids or soft meals for a few days following the procedure. Your dentist will guide you on when you can take a regular diet after the procedure to ensure the mini dental implant stays in place.

Mini dental implants are smaller in size and less intrusive to install than conventional dental implants, yet having a comparable structure. Choosing the dental implant or surgery best for you and your particular dental needs can be somewhat complex. Contacting your dentist to discuss all of your options and the benefits and drawbacks of each should be your first move if you've lost a tooth—or several teeth—and want to find a long-term solution. Contact us at Sunnyside Dentistry today.

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