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Simple Tooth Extractions
Clackamas, OR

A woman smiling after receiving a tooth extraction at Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORWhile your teeth are the strongest substance in your body, there are several issues that can lead to damage. You can suffer an injury, such as a fall or an accident while playing sports. You can bite down on something too hard. A tooth can suffer decay, or its stability may become compromised due to gum disease. Damaged teeth need treatment right away. When your tooth is damaged, the ideal solution is to restore it, which allows it to remain in its socket. However, if the damage is too severe, an extraction may be required. At Sunnyside Dentistry, we can extract teeth with simple extractions.

The Importance of an Extraction

When teeth are damaged, it is important to get treatment right away. The preferred solution for damaged teeth is to restore them, whether by fillings, crowns, or other treatments. However, if the damage is too severe, these treatments may not be possible, and the tooth needs to be extracted. Ignoring a damaged tooth, even one that only seems minorly damaged can have serious consequences on your oral, and your overall, health.

Without treatment, the tooth may split or shatter, leading to the need for a surgical extraction. Bacteria may also enter inside of the tooth, which can cause a painful infection. Infections that go untreated can lead to bacteria in your bloodstream, which can then contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health consequences.

When is a Simple Extraction Needed?

In the event of tooth damage, a thorough oral exam is needed. With an exam, we can determine the extent of the damage, and what the best treatment options are. While we aim to save damaged teeth, this is not always possible. Situations in which a simple tooth extraction is required include
•  Fractures in the tooth that extend below the gum line. Crowns can protect the visible surface area of a damaged tooth, but not the damage below the gums. If the damage starts at the crown and extends below the gums, or the damage is entirely below the gums, it can still develop an infection, even with a crown.
•  Severe tooth decay. Decay is typically treated with a filling. However, in the event of severe tooth decay, a filling may further compromise the tooth. At the same time, there may not be enough natural tooth structure left to support a crown.
•  Overcrowding. In some instances, tooth extraction is required even without tooth damage. When your teeth are overcrowded, orthodontics is necessary. Orthodontic treatment helps to realign your teeth to improve your smile, your bite, and your oral health. However, your mouth may not have enough room, so an extraction becomes necessary to ensure that your teeth have sufficient space to create your healthy new smile.

Simple Tooth Extractions

Simple tooth extraction is a fairly straightforward process. It is typically done under just a local anesthetic, which ensures that you do not feel any pain while the tooth is removed. If you are anxious, however, sedation may be provided. After your local anesthetic, a tool called an elevator is used to separate your gums and periodontal ligament from the tooth. Next, forceps are used to move the tooth back and forth. This widens the socket, loosening the tooth at the same time. When the socket is wide enough, we can lift the tooth out. If necessary, a suture is placed.

If you have suffered tooth damage, treatment is needed right away. If we cannot save the tooth, we can extract it and then provide you with a replacement. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Sunnyside Dentistry at (503) 451-5104 today.

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If you have suffered tooth damage, treatment is needed right away. If we cannot save the tooth, a simple tooth extraction can be done here at Sunnyside Dentistry. Call us today!
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