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Single Tooth Implant
Clackamas, OR

Even one tooth missing can affect your ability to bite, eat, and more. The dental implant will be securely placed into the jaw using a minimally invasive approach, and following the necessary healing period, a crown will be placed on the implant, effectively turning it into a strong, functioning, and natural-looking tooth.

At Sunnyside Dentistry, our doctors, Dick Hikade, DDS and Brooke Hikade-Wyatt, DMD, recommend the best procedure regarding dental implants. After a consultation, you will be advised on whether you require a single-tooth implant or a multiple-tooth implant.

Single Tooth Implant

A lost tooth can be entirely replaced with dental implants. One lost tooth is replaced by a single implant at a time. Usually constructed of titanium, the implant is placed deeply into the jawbone. The implant fuses with the bone over time and becomes a permanent component of your smile. A crown can be created to fit over the implant's top when it has healed. An implant is a superior choice for patients because it may replace what is lacking without compromising neighboring teeth.

Single Tooth Implant Procedure

A single tooth replacement is a minimally invasive operation carried out under sedation or local anesthesia. Through a surgical incision in your gums, metal posts or frames are inserted into your jawbone. Over time, they fuse with the bone much like your natural tooth would have. The tooth is subsequently replaced by affixing a dental crown to the metal implant.

Because we have cutting-edge equipment all under one roof, we can do single-tooth implant surgery right away and maybe fit crowns the same day. However, we advise delaying getting the permanent crown installed for three to six months following your implant procedure if you have a medical condition like diabetes or have had cancer treatment.

The dentist might go through possibilities for bone augmentation or building if the x-rays or CT scan indicate that there is insufficient bone in your jaw to support an implant. Grafting could be necessary, to make sure there is enough bone for the post to be placed in. If you apply normal biting pressures to your implant with insufficient jawbone, the dental implant surgery might fail and end up dislodging itself.

In order for an implant to be able to embed itself deeply into your mouth like a natural tooth root, your jaw will often need to be augmented with bone from other areas of your jaw or synthetic bone material.

One-stage implant dentistry is an alternative for patients who are frustrated with the lengthy wait times associated with a typical dental implant surgery. Its availability varies depending on the clinic or the dentist doing the procedure; however, it is occasionally utilized for implants. Your dentist will complete this treatment in a single visit.

Comparing a dental implant to other tooth replacement options, there are several benefits. An implant replaces a single tooth without compromising the health of the teeth around it and functions and looks like normal teeth. There are many benefits to single tooth implants. Contact us at Sunnyside Dentistry today to learn more.

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