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Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?
Clackamas, OR

Dental implants are a very popular, highly effective treatment for replacing missing teeth. Implants replace missing teeth by surgically placing small titanium posts into your jawbone. Your bone gradually fuses to the posts as you heal, stabilizing them within your jaw. The posts are then used to provide support for your dental restorations. At Sunnyside Dentistry, we can provide dental implants to meet some different tooth replacement needs. Before placement, we first conduct an initial consultation to ensure that they are the best solution for you.

You Have Suffered Tooth Loss

Dental implants are a modern treatment for replacing missing teeth, providing a unique alternative to traditional bridges and dentures. Implants are incredibly versatile and can be used if you are missing only a single tooth or if you are missing multiple teeth. They can even be used if you are missing an entire arch of teeth.

You are In Good Health

Because implants require a surgical procedure, it is important that you be in good overall health. Poor health can significantly increase your risk of complications, both during the procedure as well as during the recovery period. During your initial consultation, we go over your medical history. It is essential that any significant health concerns like diabetes and heart disease be under control before you can receive surgery. We also perform a thorough oral exam. Any issues like gum disease will need to be treated first.

You Do Not Smoke or Drink, Or are Willing to Quit

Smoking and drinking can both have a significant impact on your ability to heal following implant surgery. Smoking reduces the oxygen in your blood and also slows your blood flow. This slows healing, increasing your risk of infection.

Additionally, the act of smoking can dislodge clots from surgical wounds, leading to a condition known as dry socket. Excessive alcohol consumption can impact the ability of your body to form clots. It is recommended that if you smoke or drink that you quit before undergoing surgery. If you are unable to quit for good, it will be recommended that you at least quit until after you have fully recovered.

You Have Enough Bone Mass

Dental implants rely on your jawbone for stability and success. If your jawbone is too weak, the bone will not be able to fuse properly, which can lead to loose posts, unstable restorations, and implant failure. During your consultation, we take X-rays of your mouth to assess the condition of your jawbone. If you do not have enough bone mass, you may be recommended for a bone graft before receiving implants.

You are Never Too Old for Dental Implants

Older patients often think that they are simply too old for dental implants and that their only option is dentures. The truth is that you are never too old to enjoy the benefits that implants have to offer. As long as you meet the other requirements, you can receive dental implants no matter if you are in your 30s or if you are in your 70s.

If you have suffered tooth loss, dental implants can restore not only the functions of your missing teeth but the quality of your smile and your quality of life. To find out if you are a candidate, call Sunnyside Dentistry today at (503) 451-5104.

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Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants? - Sunnyside Dentistry
At Sunnyside Dentistry, we can provide dental implants to meet different tooth replacement needs. Call today and schedule an appointment to see if dental implants are right for you.
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